Homeland & National Security Law Review

UPDATE (03/05/2021): Volume 7 Issue 1 is now available here!


The Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley School of Law offers the Homeland & National Security Law Review (HNSLR) is the first legal periodical by an LL.M. Program at Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. It is published annually in digital form. Our mission is to publish timely, practical, and innovative scholarly articles, notes, and comments in the field of homeland and national security law. We also welcome articles focused on veterans’ issues and will endeavor to publish yearly a special issue focused only on those issues affecting veterans. We strive to foster an intellectual forum for academics and practitioners in the field of homeland and national security law so that others may continue to learn and share in this ever-increasing study of law.

The Homeland and National Security Law Review, in conjunction with The Homeland and National Security Law LL.M. program[1] will provide a means to encourage, foster, and disseminate the ever-evolving body of knowledge amassed by students, faculty, scholars, associated professionals, and staff in the emerging field of homeland and national security law. This law review will include, and encourages submission of, not just traditional law review articles, but essays by subject matter experts as well. The HNSLR will also focus on the practical application of the law, whether by consideration of operational principles arising in its application or in consideration of the juxtaposition of the law and policy of homeland security.

[1] The program was launched in 2013 and is directed by Professor and Brigadier General (ret.), Michael C.H. McDaniel