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September - December 2020

Contact Information:

Thomas M. Cooley Law School
300 S. Capitol 
Lansing, Michigan 48901

The HNSLR is extremely proud of our editorial staff that facilitates the continued success of our law review. As you can see below, our staff’s experiences and qualifications are numerous and varied, which gives the law review great perspective and a wide range of expertise to utilize. The HNSLR prides itself on maintaining a strong, well qualified, and diverse editorial staff. 

September - December 2020

Director, Home and National Security Law LL.M. Program:

Brigadier General (ret.) Michael C. H. McDaniel, J.D.

Faculty Advisor:

Major (USAF) Samantha A. Sliney, J.D., LL.M.

Editorial Board:

Editor In Chief - Vacant

Managing Editor - Vacant

Publications Editor - Vacant

Executive Articles Editor - Vacant

Article Selection Editor - Vacant

Lead Articles Editor - Vacant

Research Editor - Vacant

Associate Editors: 

Cody Hayward

Lisa Mannine

Nina Yakubov